What is money? (second part)
Show different coins/notes and ask what their value is. For example, show them a 5 cent coin , a half dollar coin and a 10 cent coin.

Put two items and add a price tag. ''How much is each object? How much would it cost me to buy both?'' For example, an apple with a price tag of 30 cents and a banana with a price tag of 70 cents. (Answer: 30 cents and 70 cents, makes a total cost of one dollar)

As an extension, show three items with a price tag and ask learners to find the total of the three amounts.

Tell learners, ''I am going to say you an amount of money. I want you and a partner to tell me what you could use to make that amount. Give  a simple amount to start with. Allow learners to work together to find a way to make the amount you asked for. Ask, ''Who can tell me how they made this amount? Has anyone else made it in a different way? Record the different ways of making an amount so that all the class can see. 


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