Core activity. 15.1 : What is money?

Start the session, by asking , ''What is money?'' Give learners time to think about their answers. Ask for answers.  Then ask ''Why do we need money?'' Again, give thinking time and ask for answers. ''What do the rest of you think? Do you agree? Do you have a different idea?'' 

Then give them money. Introduce them different kinds of money. UK sterling, USA dollar and Azerbaijan manat. Then ask them to find coins. (qapik)  What can you see?

It is important to use money in the classroom. Pupil should be able to touch, feel and use it in a real life,

Collect responses. ''What do we call this money that you are holding? Find another one that is the same. How do you know they are the same? 

If you want to buy something how do you ask the cost of item? Then let them learn to ask ''How much does it cost?''


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