snowman counting

                      Classroom Design. They will definitely learn words such as recess, lunch, home,

Teaching Sight Words

LEARNING CLIP - is a MATH website that includes many different interactive activities that work well on the SMART Board. What’s different about this site is that each activity begins with a video clip explaining the activity. This site is based out of the UK, so you’ll have to watch for the currency and measurement differences. The activities can be made full screen, and each comes with 3 handy tools to help students work the problem on the board: a clock, calculator, and notepad.

Daniz is telling the following story:

Orange Pumpkin, orange pumpkin, What do you see?
I see a green witch looking at me.
Green witch, green witch, what do you see?
I see a white ghost looking at me.

Halloween holiday. Baku Modern School. Ibrahimali ( my clever pupil) had a Batman costume. Kamal (he has already left our school) had the same one. Ibrahim( one of my lovable pupil)  had vampire costume.