Here is a fun way of teaching Multiplication. 

                                Chingiz is trying to explain his teacher that 2x6 is = to 6+6

Fakhraddin is asking me to give him some corns so, that he would also explain and show the way his understanding about multiplication.

                                               Zarifa is learning multiplicaton. 2x7=7+7

It is nice to take picture with teacher but we can't get away from the interesting lesson.

Little Red Ridding Hood story book activity

Chingiz has got problems in reading and we have decided to give him right hand. We should work on his reading everyday. Getting good result depends on enterily good action.  Therefore, we will prapere different activities for him in order to keep him motivate to practice his reading.

                                    What is money? (second part)
Show different coins/notes and ask what their value is. For example, show them a 5 cent coin , a half dollar coin and a 10 cent coin.

Put two items and add a price tag. ''How much is each object? How much would it cost me to buy both?'' For example, an apple with a price tag of 30 cents and a banana with a price tag of 70 cents. (Answer: 30 cents and 70 cents, makes a total cost of one dollar)

As an extension, show three items with a price tag and ask learners to find the total of the three amounts.

Tell learners, ''I am going to say you an amount of money. I want you and a partner to tell me what you could use to make that amount. Give  a simple amount to start with. Allow learners to work together to find a way to make the amount you asked for. Ask, ''Who can tell me how they made this amount? Has anyone else made it in a different way? Record the different ways of making an amount so that all the class can see. 

        Core activity. 15.1 : What is money?

Start the session, by asking , ''What is money?'' Give learners time to think about their answers. Ask for answers.  Then ask ''Why do we need money?'' Again, give thinking time and ask for answers. ''What do the rest of you think? Do you agree? Do you have a different idea?'' 

Then give them money. Introduce them different kinds of money. UK sterling, USA dollar and Azerbaijan manat. Then ask them to find coins. (qapik)  What can you see?

It is important to use money in the classroom. Pupil should be able to touch, feel and use it in a real life,

Collect responses. ''What do we call this money that you are holding? Find another one that is the same. How do you know they are the same? 

If you want to buy something how do you ask the cost of item? Then let them learn to ask ''How much does it cost?''